Specializing in Neuropsychological Assessment

Dr. Carol Anderson

Dr. Anderson is a licensed psychologist with Board-Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology. She specializes in the assessment and diagnosis of acquired brain injuries. Dr. Carol Anderson received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree (B.S.-Psychology, 1993) at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She continued her studies of Experimental Psychology (Behavioral Neurobiology) and Clinical Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) at Brigham Young University, and graduated with a Master’s Degree (M.S.-Psychology, 1994) and Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.-Psychology, 1996). She also completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Yale University (1997).

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Note: This website provides information about Dr. Anderson's medicolegal neuropsychological services. If you are seeking "clinical" services (e.g., referred by a healthcare professional, teacher, family member, or if you are self referred), please visit www.psychologycenterofidahofalls.com.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide forensic neuropsychological assessment services to individuals with neurocognitive impairments and effects of trauma.

We also aim to provide highly competent, unbiased opinions to claimants' attorneys and other referral sources, in order to assist in quantifying the effects and prognoses of alleged brain injuries, neurocogntive disorders, and PTSD.