Why Dr. Anderson?

Reasons you should choose Dr. Carol V. Anderson to evaluate your client and serve as an expert witness in your case:

Board Certification

Dr. Carol Anderson has earned the highest level of credentials in her field.  Board certification in clinical neuropsychology is an intensely rigorous, peer-reviewed process. This nationally recognized credential certifies Dr. Anderson’s expertise in clinical neuropsychology from East to West.  It is a prestigious achievement obtained by few neuropsychologists.

Specialized Training in Neuroimaging

Dr. Anderson has also completed a specialized post-doctoral fellowship in quantitative neuroimaging at Yale University. Dr. Anderson’s training and experience in neuroimaging gives her an additional advantage over many neuropsychologists. Combined with clinical data, she can utilize her specialized empirical knowledge of neuroanatomy in explaining critical brain-behavior relationships in court. Information is power.

Brain Injury Evaluation Experience

Dr. Carol Anderson has 30+ years of experience working in the field of neuropsychological assessment and particularly with acquired brain injury evaluations (traumatic brain injury and hypoxic/anoxic encephalopathy).  Accordingly, she has become an authoritative figure in the field of neuropsychology and specifically, forensic neuropsychology.

Reporting Efficiency

Dr. Anderson takes great pride in her unusually efficient “turn-around time” for report completion. She typically provides evaluation results within 15 days from the date of evaluation.