Dr. Anderson accepts referrals from attorneys who have clients with acquired brain injury for forensic neuropsychological evaluation. Acquired brain injury includes both traumatic brain injury and hypoxic brain injury.

Dr. Anderson also conducts neuropsychological evaluations (including IMEs) for worker’s compensation and long-term disability claimants.

Assessment findings are used to formulate and offer expert opinions regarding the clients’ injuries, impairments, and vocational/occupational capabilities. These findings include the causation, prognosis, and clinical correlation of neuroimaging.

Please note that Dr. Anderson does not provide expert witness services, when a claimant is clinically referred (individuals referred by health care professionals, with health insurance as the payor). In order to preserve the Independent Medical Evaluation process, all medicolegal services (anticipated or in process) must be scheduled by the claimant’s attorney, after a signed financial agreement and retainer have been received. No doctor-patient relationship will be established with the claimant in these cases, and the attorney will be considered as the client in these cases. Please call Dr. Anderson if you have any questions about her policies and procedures regarding this matter.